Problem Sleuth Radioplay

You are one of the top Problem Sleuths in the city. Solicitations for your service are numerous in quantity. Compensation, adequate. It is a balmy summer evening. You are feeling particularly hard boiled tonight.

What will you do?

Anonymous said: Is there going to be more episodes at all? The first one was really great, I'd love for there to be more.

There should most definitely be more episodes! That, as it stands, is only the trailer— we’re continually hitting roadblocks when it comes to the sound editing process because of various unforeseen circumstances, and I’m about as ready to see it come out as anyone else. We don’t exactly have music to use, so we may end up using music from other sources rather than contributed ones like I would like to. On top of that, the narration tracks need to be changed out. Hopefully we can get it out soon, but unfortunately I’m going to have to say that I am unsure of when this is going to happen. Thank you very much for being patient, though!

The Problem Sleuth Radioplay Trailer for Episode 1

Many apologies for the radio silence, but we’re on the verge of having our first episode out!

Our team layout’s been scrambled about a little bit, but we’ve gotten our feet on the ground and have a solid demo of our first episode. Firstly, I would like to welcome Paul to the team as a sound editor! He’s laid down the groundwork and re-energized the entire project. Currently, he is working on the rest of the demo, as I type this.

As for our team layout…

We’ve simplified it a little bit and spread out some of the work and consolidated it in other areas, in terms of a vague business metaphor. More concretely, I am back to being the sole hand on scriptwriting, though the rest of the team is helping me with the editing process. I have split sound editing duties between Mark and Paul and have also decided to preemptively cut down episode sizes so we hopefully don’t take an entire summer to put something like this together.

Our cast is still the same— actorsAllusion is our Problem Sleuth, with Nick Smalley running as our Ace Dick.

On top of that, we’re going to release a trailer shortly just to show that, yes, there is actually work on this project and that we aren’t just all moping around in the haze of attrition. Behold our next post! The narration lines and the music are temporary stand-ins for what we are hoping to produce, but we do have our lines recorded.

Finally: Please, please, please, if you want to contribute music to our project, feel free to contribute! We are desperate for material on that front. Please remember that what we want is music fitting the style of film noir. 

Edit: I was overzealous— the music in the trailer was actually from Guy Noir, from A Praire Home Companion. Nonetheless, it is a very good example (and everyone should go listen to Guy Noir because it is a great radioplay.)

It keeps happening

Still productive as ever.

Evidence that we are, in fact, recording lines.

Also, evidence that we are snacking on saltwater taffy.

We need music!

Now that we’ve gotten all of our parts filled (at least for the coming episode), we need one more resource to achieve the dream: music! After all, as much as I enjoy the normal dialogue of a radioplay, it just isn’t the same without that incidental background groove that’s always happening with the usual radioplay scene. As of today, I am going to open up submissions for music! Currently we are covering from the beginning page of Problem Sleuth to this page right here:

What I would like to ask you, the potential contributors, is to make a short piece of music in the style of film noir fitting either a theme for Ace Dick, a inquisitive and mysterious theme, intro music, or outro music. Please send any music contributions to with your name in the subject line, so we can credit you, as well as the song title, so we have a song name with which to credit, in this format: “Name - Song Name”. We are looking forward to your contributions! 

We have picked a Problem Sleuth!

Congratulations to actorsAllusion on the role of Problem Sleuth!

Keep your eyes peeled for future casting announcements if you are still wanting to get involved!! Thank you so much to everyone who auditioned!!

Auditions for Problem Sleuth are now closed! - Ask box is open!

Thank you everyone for sending in your auditions for Problem Sleuth! We’ve hit the deadline, so auditions for Problem Sleuth are closed. We are now in the process of reviewing all of the auditions we received, and we should have our Sleuth role filled in a few short days. Keep your eyes peeled for the news! Also note that the ask box is open, so if you have any questions, comments, concerns, compliments, or otherwise, please feel free to send it our way. Thank you again for your support!

ticksan said: ah! this is such a lovely idea, i'm totaly looking forward to seeing where this goes :D

Thank you very much! We are just excited as you are to see this start up, and we’re just on the cusp of it happening! Hopefully, this project will be wholly enjoyable for all parties involved.