Problem Sleuth Radioplay

You are one of the top Problem Sleuths in the city. Solicitations for your service are numerous in quantity. Compensation, adequate. It is a balmy summer evening. You are feeling particularly hard boiled tonight.

What will you do?

Anonymous said: what if someone has an accent from another contry?

It may be difficult for people to do an accent that is not their own, but if they are able to perform an accent similar to the one asked for (that being a New York or accent similar to the area) then it should be perfectly OK. I recommend that people look up videos similar to the required accent in order to have something to reference.

zeekarie-deactivated20130319 said: Will you be accepting auditions for Nervous Broad and Hysterical Dame later down the road?

We most certainly will! The reason why we’re not accepting auditions ahead of time is due to the fact that we need to write a script based off of the events of Problem Sleuth and edit them before we start on recording anything. Naturally, this process is somewhat arduous on its own, so it wouldn’t be fun for someone to join in and then find themselves without material to voice for days or possibly weeks. Keep an eye out, though; we’ll be calling roles in as we come across them in the scripts! 

Open Casting for Problem Sleuth Radioplay

We are doing open casting for the part of Problem Sleuth for the Problem Sleuth Radioplay.

Please note that we are not currently looking for auditions for other characters, but keep a look out for that in the future!!

We are looking for a voice that has inspiration from film noir, and having a capacity to do american accents (especially any kind of new york or similar accents) would definitely help! However you are welcome to try whatever you want in your audition!

We ask that you make sure you have a decent quality microphone. You aren’t required to have any expensive studio equipment or a studio quality mic, we just want to make sure there is decently clear audio (ie. it doesn’t sound like somebody is vacuuming while you are recording and your voice isn’t extremely quiet or static-y). Make sure you are recording in a quiet place where you feel comfortable acting some CRAZY stuff because this is going to be a PRETTY CRAZY RADIOPLAY.

Just record yourself reading a page or two from Problem Sleuth in your best Problem Sleuth voice. After that, upload your recording to Soundcloud or Tindeck. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DO NOT USE VOCAROO.

Send a link to

Please include some extra contact information so we can get in touch with you if you get the part! It would be very helpful if you had skype, as that is where we conduct most of our radioplay related discussions, so if you have that please also include that.

Good luck everybody!!! Have fun! :D

EDIT: the deadline for auditions will be one week from now (June 19, 11:59 pm EST)

Problem Sleuth Radioplay Official Team Post

I figure now is a pretty good time to lay down the team layout, since it occurs to me that I haven’t specifically covered who’s doing what right here.

Cory - Project head, scriptwriting and editing.

Mark - Sound engineering and music head.

Shoona - Editing and general helpfulness!

As for the cast, well… now I can put three names down!

Cory - Narration

Nick Smalley - Ace Dick

Ryan - Problem Sleuth

Other roles - To be decided as it comes!

Thank you for everyone who’s been following so far, and I assure you all that Episode 1 of the Radioplay will be out soon! The script has been re-edited twice and is in the process of being changed a third time, so it’s half done— it should be done within the week, I estimate. As for recording, sound effects, and all that mess, well, we’ll hit those blows when we come to it. Cheers!

Problem Sleuth Radioplay Inaugural Post!

Greetings, anyone who is viewing this blog, to the Problem Sleuth Radio Play (PSRP)! This is a fairly ambitious project aiming to turn Problem Sleuth into a radio play, packed with narration, dialogue, sound effects, and situational music. Current staff on hand in this blog are my friends Shoona and Shadolith, as well as myself, Cory!

Edit: Please see our casting post for Problem Sleuth for instructions on what to do in order to audition!

We look forward to your contributions!

Project in progress!

PS Radioplay, coming to an internet near you, soon!